The organizing committee of Effie Worldwide in order to help participants to find the answer to the question ‘why entry didn’t get award’ introduced the opportunity to request a report called Effie Insight Guide. Purchasing an Effie Insight Guide allows you the opportunity to receive direct feedback from the judges who evaluated your work.

Effie Awards Ukraine provides the option of pre-ordering of the report of Effie Insight Guide for particular entries.

The Effie Insight Guide is a report that gives entrants feedback directly from the judges who reviewed their case. 

The jury members on both judging rounds will be asked to analyze specific applications for which Effie Insight Guide was previously ordered. Judges will provide insights on the strengths and weaknesses of the case, along with advice for the future.

The completed Effie Insight Guide will be sent to entrant in electronnic format without meeting with the organizing committee.

You can order a report for a fee when you register an online application form in your account at the Effie Awards Ukraine website.

This option is possible for the first round of judging, and for the second one as well.

Effie Insight Guide fees

Effie Insight Guide fees per each entry below.

Round One Judging


 Round Two Judging


Bouth Rounds 

5 000 UAH 5 000 UAH 8 000 UAH

All prices do not include VAT.