EFFIE GALA and BEST MARKETING PRACTICES conference will be held on December 18, 2020. 

This year, there will be a new format of Effie Gala and Best Marketing Practices conference – offline Effie Awards Show with alive broadcast.

18 December – Effie Show                                            Effie Gala and Best Marketing Practices

On December 18, Effie Ceremony and Best Marketing Practices conference will be in new format of Effie Show that will unite presentations of the best marketing cases and awarding the most effective cases with Effie trophies. Everything will be held in offline format with alive broadcast.

Effie Awards Ukraine results will be a base for the effectiveness rankings 2020 of communications and media agencies, communications holding companies, and as well names of the most effective marketers and brands of Ukraine. Also, results of Effie Awards Ukraine 2020 program are included in the Effie Index 2021, ranking of the most effective companies, agencies and brands globally.