The Effie Awards rewards the most successful advertising campaigns, conducted at the Ukrainian market; it supports and assists the increase of advertising role, effective use of marketing’s resources.

Why is it necessary to participate in Effie Awards?

Effie Awards is the unique award, which examines such factors of markets, as the multiplied volume of sales or improvement of knowledge and notion about brand, and also creativity

Effie Awards is the unique competition which is estimated by the representatives of basic clients and professional agencies

Effie Awards - it is the unique award, which acknowledges all disciplines - creativity', marketing and account, researches and MASS-MEDIA. All of it helps to create an effective advertising campaign

Effie - it is a gold standard of advertising effectiveness. It is a higher level of confession of Your campaign, Your agency, and that your clients can get as a result of achieving advertising objectives.

The official representative Effie in Ukraine is All-Ukrainian advertising coalition.