1 October 2014

Effie Awards Ukraine 2014 will determine the best in Seasonal marketing

Following the results of meeting with European partners in Brussel, Organizing Committee made decision to add a new category to contest program. Now participants may enter their cases into the Seasonal marketing.

This category will honor those efforts that effectively capitalized on a season, holiday or cultural event to drive results for their business. Summertime activities, holiday gatherings, back to school – seasons, holidays and events impact shopping behavior and allow marketers the opportunity to build strategic communications based on the time-based interests of their target audience. 
This category has successfully proven itself in different Effie programs of North America and Europe. In assessing the advertising campaigns in our country, Organizing Committee is waiting for interesting competition in this category.
Deadline for entries is October,24th . If you have questions, please write to the Festival organization: KaterynaGrabovska (festival@vrk.org.ua) and Olga Podgorskaya (project@vrk.org.ua) or call +38 044 490 90 30.