The Effie Awards is the only major marketing communications award which reflects the combination of strategy, creative and resulting effectiveness of communications. It is the effectiveness which is the substance which truly sets Effie apart.

Primary purposes of Effie:

·         Effie exists in order to move forward and estimate quality of commercial communications of campaign;

·         Effie adheres to successive philosophy and strict provisions of practice, possibilities of advertising built on demonstration in achieving marketing’s aims;

·         Effie is the first and most effective award which is based on the tested results of market. Creative execution is examined as a part of process of Effie and taken into account during the evaluation of works.

The nonprofit’s path forward builds on a strengthened mission that emphasizes Effie’s role to lead, inspire and champion marketing effectiveness, serving as a resource to marketers at every stage of their career. 

Effie Awards Ukraine is organized by the NGO All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition together with LLC Advertising Coalition, Enterprise Advertising Coalition and LLC KIAF.