25 July 2023

Effie Awards Ukraine 2023: what you need to know about the contest categories

Registration for Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 is ongoing. As the organizer of the contest, the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition emphasizes the importance of properly presenting your projects and urges participants to carefully study the rules regarding entry preparation.

One of the crucial stages of preparation is selecting the contest category. The judges evaluate the effectiveness of the entry within the context and essence of the chosen category. Jury members may lower the scores for projects that do not fit the category or fail to meet additional requirements in certain categories.

The 2023 contest program includes 81 categories – 34 industry and 47 special categories. In 2023, the Special categories are divided into sections: Audience; Brand Content, Entertainment, & Experiential Marketing; Business Achievement & Challenge; Commerce & Shopper; Digital; Media; Marketing Innovation Solutions; Positive Change; Topical & Annual events.

New categories added this year are:

  • New Product or Service Line Extension
  • Sponsorships
  • Category/Aisle Evolution
  • Challenger Brand Solution
  • Experiential Shopper Marketing
  • Business/Product/Service Innovation
  • Customer Experience
  • Positive Change – Social Good: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Positive Change – Social Good: PEACE

You can find a detailed list of updated categories and their descriptions in the "Categories" section.

The same campaign can be registered for participation in multiple categories, but the maximum is limited to four categories for one advertising campaign. However, please note that you can choose only one product category and a maximum of two categories from the Commerce & Shopper block.

Jury members notice when the same standard entry is used in several categories, which may lead to a decrease in points. Therefore, if one campaign participates in different categories, it is recommended to adapt the entries to those categories with accents on goals, tasks, and results.

For example, in the Commerce & Shopper block categories, the most effective campaigns are those based on specific consumer insights and driving purchases. So, in these categories, jury members advise being persuasive about your commercial results. It doesn't necessarily have to be just sales; store visits and brand representation are also essential. But without such results, there won't be any awards.

In the Positive Change block categories, it is crucial to clearly demonstrate the connection between the marketing decision and the achieved changes in socially significant matters. As Effie judges from different countries point out, the award recognizes the most effective marketing decisions that have influenced behavior changes in line with sustainable development goals. Within this, be sure to articulate what the achieved sustainable behavior change meant for the brand and organization.

In the materials of Media categories, you need to explain the choice of media channels for increased effectiveness and the methodology of measurement. "Make media the central element of your entry. Use video cases to demonstrate not only creative but also media solutions. Thoughtfully visualize how media tactics contributed to enhancing consumer experience/interaction," advise the judges.

So, carefully review the categories, descriptions, and their requirements, familiarize yourself with the judges' advice on entry preparation, and prepare your cases to ensure that the judges understand and properly evaluate your work.

Join Effie Awards Ukraine 2023. The submissions are accepted until August 31, 2023, following the guidelines of the II deadline.

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