29 August 2023

Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 інформує про завершення ІІ дедлайну

The entry submission under the II deadline is wrapping up in just a few days, on August 31. Register your entries on the effie.org.ua website.

Effie Awards is the most prestigious award in the world of marketing communications, awarded for the ultimate achievement – effectiveness.

Effie's jury panels are composed of leading marketing specialists working in advertiser companies, top managers of communication agencies, media experts, researchers, and consultants.

The All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, as the organizer of Effie Awards Ukraine, has initiated the introduction of the judges for the 2023 season. Names of those who have joined the judging panel this year can be found on the Effie Ukraine Facebook page, and in September, the complete list of the jury will appear on the competition's website at http://effie.org.ua/.

Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 will publish rankings of communication, media agencies, and advertising-communication groups based on their effectiveness, and will also announce the names of Ukraine's most effective advertisers and brands.

A reminder that submissions under the II deadline continue until August 31, 2023. Registration is ongoing at effie.org.ua.

Starting from September 1, the final deadline for the submission of contest entries for Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 will commence, and it will run until September 30.

The judges are already anticipating your entries. Join Effie Awards Ukraine 2023!