12 February 2021

Effie Ukraine Education Program – new professional education for marketers, advertisers and brand managers

Effie Ukraine Education Program will start in Ukraine in March. It is a two-month program with the format of online webinars in three areas: Effective Marketing Program, Effective Advertising Program, Effective Brand Management Program. The initiator and founder of the educational program is Effie Awards Ukraine and All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition.

This education will be useful for all those who develop and implement projects in the fields of marketing, advertising and brand management, working in marketing departments of companies or agencies. They will be able to reach a new level of quality and efficiency in their work. However, it will be more valuable for professionals with 2-5 years of experience in the field, seeking to expand the horizons of their knowledge by 360 degrees and rise higher in professional and career growth.

There is no analogue of these intensive program in Ukraine. Participants will comprehensively study the world's best advertising theories and practices, explore successful Ukrainian cases and develop systematic efficiency skills. Intensive disciplines include new approaches in marketing, advertising and brand management, effective project management from development to evaluation of campaign results, principles of effective creativity, digital communications and strategic media planning, as well as neuromarketing and many other relevant topics.

At the end of the training, program participants take an exam and receive a Certificate of education from Effie Ukraine.

All participants will be trained and accompanied by mentors that are leading professionals in the field: Dmytro Dzhedzhula, President of Marketing of buymore.energy Global Human Corporation, Kateryna Ilchenko, founder of first neuromarketing agency in Ukraine, Svitlana Stepanenko, Managing Partner of TWIGA Ukraine, Iryna Mushtina, Founder and CEO of CF.Digital and Nahaba, Viktoria Koval, Strategic Director of Vizeum, Vitaliy Kokoshko, Founder and Creative Director of KINOGRAF,  Yevhen Romat, Professor of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, and Maksym Lazebnyk, General Director of All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition.

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