19 July 2023

Nova Poshta becomes the General Partner of Effie Awards Ukraine 2023

Effie Awards is the most prestigious contest in the world of marketing communications, awarded for the ultimate achievement – effectiveness. Nova Poshta, a leader in speed and quantity of delivered parcels in Ukraine, knows first-hand about the importance of efficiency and achieving high results, especially in the present times.

"Despite all the challenges this year, Effie Ukraine will take place," says Maksym Lazebnyk, CEO of All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition. "Today, it is crucial for the advertising industry to demonstrate its vitality and resilience, regardless of circumstances. Ukrainian marketers and agencies, who are actively contributing to the country's economy, have every right to be recognized as the best and receive the Effie award as recognition of their work's effectiveness. The organizers of Effie Awards Ukraine are thrilled to have Nova Poshta as the General Partner, a company that has demonstrated its effectiveness during the most challenging times for our country". 

For Nova Poshta, efficiency today means primarily speed, which is a top priority as every hour and minute matters. Nova Poshta is not only the fastest delivery service but also the largest network in Ukraine. The company has over 10,000 branches throughout Ukraine and 14,000 parcel lockers, making it the most accessible network for customers in the country. Additionally, Nova Poshta Global handles cargo deliveries worldwide, and the group of companies includes Nova Pay, a financial company, Nova Post in Moldova, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Czech Republic, and Romania, Supernova Airlines, an airline delivering cargo to Europe, and the humanitarian initiative Humanitarian Post of Ukraine.

The main message of Nova Poshta as the General Partner of Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 is the slogan "Nova Poshta. Delivering victories".

"In every communication, we must provide people with vision and support," says Olena Plakhova, Director of Reputation and Marketing Management, and a member of the Board of Directors of Nova Poshta Group of Companies. "Each message should act as a guiding light, shining a little ahead. And we know that effective communication is one of the important directions on the path to our victory as a whole country".

So, join Effie Awards Ukraine 2023. The submissions are accepted until August 31, 2023, following the guidelines of the II deadline.

The awards ceremony for the winners of Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 and the Best Marketing Practices conference will take place on November 24, 2023.