11 October 2012

Effie Conference Program 2012 announced. Absolutely new!


Effie Conference organizers radically change the conference program: winner cases parade are not going to happen this year.

Maxim Lazebnik, executive director of the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, said that this year conference main idea is universal knowledge and art of presentation. “If these topics and speakers will not lead to a boom in professional advertising community,  then next year we’ll organize Anshlag TV show during  Effie Conference", - Maxim Lazebnik said.

Effie Conference Program 2012

Kyiv, November, 30, 2012

Sophievsky Grand Hall
Premier Palace Hotel
Blvd. Shevchenko / st. Pushkinskaya 5-7/29

9-45 - 10-30
Registration, welcome coffee

10-30 - 11-30

Amnon Golan, Vice President Strategy Central & Eastern Europe Y & R Advertising

Sex over love
FameBrand is the new way of building brands

The era of brand-consumer love relationship is over. Today successful brands understand that the fastest way to create emotional connection is building ongoing excitement, thrill, intensity, attraction & sex appeal over and over again.

This is why there is the new IPhone, IPod, Nike gadget every few months. This is why Old Spice is keeping their communication impact year after year.

The workshop will give tools and ideas on how to make it happen:

To think "Celebrity" not a "product"

To Think show business not advertising

T0 Think "Inspiration" not "relationship"

To Think "mission" over "vision"

To think "Innovation" over "creativity"

11-45 - 12-45

Gregory Troussov, a leading marketing consultant with 450 projects in 12 countries, the president of the consulting company "Kontakt-Expert." Teacher  in leading business schools in Russia – Moscow State Univeristy, Kingston, AIBEC and others. "Best Coach of Marketing" and "Best Speaker" by magazine Marketing Management (2007, 2008), winner of the National Award "Company of  the Year 2009", winner of the international annual award "Person of the Year 2009", the bestselling author of "They will come, themselves buy "("The best book on marketing in 2007 by magazine Marketing Management).

Consumer 2.0: Look into eyes of your customers.

Do not try to stop the world - he has changed, and will continue to change. It's time to get rid of neurosis, to remove the dependence on the convulsive generating creative content that instantly dissolves in the sea of ​​advertising. Content is still - the king, but there was a lot of people who produce it for you, and that is significant, it is absolutely free. Quantity turns into quality. Should not be afraid of competition, it was time to just the top-level of creativity: to initiate, try and encourage the actions of those who are trusted. If the consumer demands of truthful communication - give them to him!

Master class would be about:

No matter what you say, it's important how you do it.

How to advertise in such a way that they may believe?


13-30 - 14-30

Alexey Kapterev, Professor at Graduate School of Management in Moscow State University. an active participant of TEDx movement, the author of the most popular presentation "Death by PowerPoint» (http://www.slideshare.net/thecroaker/death-by-powerpoint), lecturer at Harvard, author at Wiley Publishing House, an independent consultant (http://www.kapterev.com/) in the field of visual communications, is collaborating with a group of "Mercator» (http://merkator.ru/), Russia's leading company in the field of visual presentation.

Presentations that change something

Presentations with slides are ugly. This is a fact.
They are boring, confusing, and meaningless. They do not change the world. They generally do not change anything.

Creating a slide show is an art - the best scenario performance is an art - even just being on stage, it does not matter, with or without PowerPoint - is art.

Slide is a genre of contemporary art. And it is incredibly democratic art available to everyone. Everyone can learn to create stories, make a good (or at least not disgusting) design, finally, and learn to just be on stage. You do not need to be an actor - just be yourself. Paradoxically, the naturalness - is also an art, and this, too, can and should learn. All this will be discussed at the presentation by Alexey Kapterev.

14-45 - 16-00

Gregory Troussov and Alexey Kapterev

Practical workshop. How to prepare for presentations.



The beginning of Award Ceremony of the most effective advertising and marketing campaigns of the year

All day conference would be free coffee without pauses.

The conference program may be changed.  

Effie Conference Moderator - Maxim Lazebnik, Executive Director of the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition.