27 November 2023

Effectiveness rankings based on Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 results

Gres Todorchuk, Carat Ukraine, dentsu Ukraine, and UNITED24 — these are the leaders names according to the results of Effie Awards Ukraine 2023.

The All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition has announced the outcomes of the annual National rankings of communication, media agencies, advertising and communication groups, as well as the most effective marketers and brands in Ukraine based on Effie Awards Ukraine 2023.

This year, the most effective entities are as follows: Gres Todorchuk – the communication agency, Carat Ukraine – the media agency, dentsu Ukraine – the advertising and communication group, and UNITED24 – the marketer and brand.

The rankings are determined based on the number of points participants earned in the Effie Awards Ukraine contest. This year's ratings include all agencies and companies that secured prize-winning positions or made it to the shortlist of Effie Awards Ukraine 2023.

The scoring system aligns with the new international Effie Index scale from Effie Worldwide.

Point allocation system according to the new methodology:

  • For main agencies: Shortlist – 2; Bronze – 6; Silver – 12; Gold – 24; Grand Prix – 48.
  • For partner agencies: Shortlist – 1; Bronze – 3; Silver – 6; Gold – 12; Grand Prix – 24.

Details can be found by following this link.