22 September 2022

Effie Awards Ukraine took time out

The Effie Awards are known by advertisers and agencies globally as the pre-eminent award in the industry for over 50 years, and recognize any and all forms of marketing that contribute to a brand's success. 

Today, Effie celebrates effectiveness worldwide with over 55+ programs spanning 125+ markets, including the Global Effies, regional programs in Asia-Pacific, Africa/The Middle East, Europe and Latin America, and national Effie programs.

The national program of Effie Awards Ukraine is no exception and is a full member of the Effie family since 2006.

With the full-scale war that broke out in Ukraine in February 2022 and is still ongoing, the organization of marketing effectiveness contest with the same rules as in peacetime, with conditions that exist in countries where there is no war, would look more than just strange, but also essentially impossible.

How do you define the effectiveness when there is a war in the country? Are there profits, saved people's lives or simply the jobs of employees?

According to the organizing committee of Effie Awards Ukraine, now all companies and brands of Ukraine should work to be closer to the victory.

Nowadays the main effectiveness is the victory of Ukraine.

And after the victory, we will "measure" the marketing success of brands.

We hope that we will see enough successful cases next year.

See you soon!