1 June 2023

Keep fighting—you are sure to win! Effie Awards Ukraine 2023

The All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition announces the launch of the Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 — the most prestigious international award in the field of advertising and marketing communications.

Victory is not given just like that. It must be won in a fight. We, Ukrainians, who are now fighting for our freedom and defending our country, know this well. Ukrainian marketers and agencies that support the country's economy continue not just to work, but to fight for business results, regardless of the circumstances, have the right to be named the best and receive an Effie as a mark of the effectiveness of their work.

"Since the full-scale war that began in Ukraine in February, it looks not only strange, but also essentially impossible to hold a marketing effectiveness contest under the same rules as in peacetime, under the conditions that apply in countries where there is no war. How do you define the effectiveness when there is a war in the country? Are there profits, saved people's lives or simply the jobs of employees? In the opinion of the organizing committee of Effie Awards Ukraine, all companies and brands of Ukraine should work to be closer to the victory", Maksym Lazebnyk, CEO of All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, wrote in the fall of 2022.

"The war is still going on. However, this year's Effie will take place. We do not know how many entrants and entries will participate. But it is very important for the advertising industry today to demonstrate its vital spirit and ability to work, regardless of any circumstances. So, we are happy to announce that the Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 will be!”, he emphasizes today.

Some technical work is still ongoing on the contest website, but the start of entry submission will be announced soon. And the dates of the contest are already known – those who wish can start preparing.

The deadlines of the entry’s submission:

  • I DEADLINE – 30 June
  • II DEADLINE – 31 August
  • III DEADLINE – 30 September

The judging will take place in three rounds:

  • I ROUND – 16-20 October
  • II ROUND – 30 October-3 November                       
  • GRAND JURY – 10 November

The Awards Ceremony of Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 – 24 November 2023.

This year, a number of innovations have been introduced into the Effie Awards Ukraine contest program. According to international recommendations, the list of specialized contest categories was expanded and divided into blocks focused on audience, brand content and experiential marketing, business challenges, commerce & shopper marketing, digital, media, marketing innovations, positive change and topical marketing.

Campaigns implemented on the territory of Ukraine at any time within the established periods will be accepted for the contest:

  • Regular eligibility period: February 24, 2022 – September 30, 2023 (for Sustained Success from October 1, 2020 or earlier)
  • Prewar eligibility period: January 1, 2021 – February 23, 2022

The creative concept for the Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 was developed by the BetterSvit agency. The basis of this year's concept was the famous quote by Taras Shevchenko, which not only does not lose, but even acquires its relevance over the years.

Follow the news on the website of Effie Awards Ukraine and All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition.

So, let's fight together, bring our victory closer!