28 June 2023

The first entry deadline of Effie Awards Ukraine 2023

Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 reminds everyone about the commencement of the entry submission period, which runs until June 30th. The second deadline will begin on July 1st and continue until August 31st.

Effie Awards Ukraine recognizes and honors the most successful national campaigns in terms of effectiveness in the field of marketing communications, following the international principles of the most prestigious award for marketers and advertisers worldwide.

The competition invites projects that were implemented in Ukraine between February 24th, 2022, and September 30th, 2023 (for the Sustained Success category, projects from 2020 or earlier are also eligible). Additionally, applications registered during the pre-war period, from January 1st, 2021, to February 23rd, 2022, for projects implemented in Ukraine before the start of full-scale aggression, can also be submitted.

In 2023, the competition program has been expanded, now featuring 81 different categories.

To participate in the program, all participants must upload not only their contest entries but also all the necessary materials, including creative video, to their personal account on the effie.org.ua website.

A project for participation in Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 can be registered either by the advertiser or the advertising agency that executed the campaign.

The names of the most effective campaigns will be announced at the Effie Gala, scheduled for November 24th, 2023.

Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 will produce effectiveness rankings of communication, media agencies, and advertising communications groups, as well as reveal the names of the most effective advertisers and brands in Ukraine.

According to the international requirements of Effie Worldwide, the submission fee for Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 increases with each deadline. Therefore, do not delay and take advantage of the opportunity to submit your work before the first deadline and receive recognition that will showcase your professional achievements.

The rules of the Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 contest program can be found in the Effie Entry Kit or on the contest's website effie.org.ua. For any additional questions, please contact the organizing committee: festival@vrk.org.ua, Kateryna, project@vrk.org.ua, Olga.