15 October 2020

Effectiveness training for tomorrow's marketing leaders

We're calling on the next generation of passionate marketing leaders to join the 2020 Global Marketing Effectiveness Bootcamp, an immersive, virtual training program on the fundamentals of marketing effectiveness.

During the two-part program, participants will meet colleagues from across the industry, learn practical tools for driving business growth, and earn an Effie Marketing Effectiveness Certificate.

The first module takes place over 6 consecutive business days. The second module involves independent work over the course of 8 weeks. In addition to working with your mentor, you will network and learn from other marketing professionals across a variety of marketing fields. At the end of the 8-week period, you will submit your final marketing plan and three other Effie mentors will evaluate your program, provide you with feedback. Assuming that you put the right amount of effort into your project, they will award you with the Effie Marketing Effectiveness Certificate.

Remaining application deadlines run Nov. 16.

More details via link.