13 June 2023

Jury formation of Effie Awards Ukraine 2023

The All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, the organizer of the Effie Awards Ukraine, announces the beginning of the jury formation for the 2023 season and invites experts from the advertising and communication market to send recommendations.

The international Effie Awards are known to advertisers and agencies as the most prestigious award in the world in the field of marketing communications, which is received for the main achievement in the field – effectiveness. For more than 50 years, the Effie Award has been a global symbol of industry success. Therefore, the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition (VRK) is very careful when forming the jury teams, because they determine the winners – the most successful campaigns in Ukraine.

Each year, the organizing committee strives to create a professional and balanced jury team, which represents both client and agency expertise in each direction of the industry or specialization of the agency. The Effie jury includes leading marketing specialists working in advertiser companies, top managers of communication agencies, media experts, researchers and consultants.

This year judging will take place in three rounds, which will be held online.

·       I ROUND – October, 16-20

·       II ROUND – October, 30-November, 3                  

·       GRAND JURY – 10 November

The members of the VRK and companies that actively participated in the Effie Awards Ukraine in previous years can recommend candidates to the Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 jury.

No more than 4 candidates are considered from each agency:

  • one representative of the communication agency,
  • up to 3 candidates – marketing specialists of advertising companies.

Recommendations must be submitted by June 30 via link.

Judges will be selected based on the following criteria: industry experience, management experience, judging experience and participation in the Effie contest program.

All sent recommendations will be considered. The organizing committee reserves the right to finalize the jury list of Effie Ukraine 2023, which will be announced in August.

In case of questions related to the formation of the jury, contact the organizing committee – pr@vrk.org.ua.