24 June 2024

The first deadline for Effie Awards Ukraine 2024 is approaching – July 1!

The first deadline for submitting entries to the Effie Awards Ukraine 2024 is until July 1. Starting from July 2, the second deadline will begin and last until September 1.

According to international requirements of Effie Worldwide, the submission fee for entries increases with each new deadline. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the first deadline conditions and get the award recognized worldwide.

Projects realized in Ukraine from January 1, 2023 to October 1, 2024 (for the Sustained Success category – from January 1, 2021 or earlier) are invited to participate.

Effie Awards Ukraine 2024 includes three types of entry forms:

  • Standard Entry Form – for all industrial and special categories (except for Sustained Success and Performance Marketing categories);
  • Sustained Success Entry Form – for categories D-54. Sustained Success: Products/Services and D-55. Sustained Success: Non-Profit;
  • Performance Marketing Entry Form – for category F-70. Performance Marketing.

The contest program includes 87 categories: 35 industrial and 52 special categories.

A single campaign can be registered in various categories, but no more than 4 categories per campaign. Note that only one product category can be selected from the industrial categories and no more than two categories from the Commerce & Shopper block. Each selected category requires a separate entry, which is paid as a separate work.

You can download the Effie Entry Kit via the link, where all the key information for participants is collected to help familiarize themselves with all stages of the Effie Awards Ukraine 2024 contest program.

Effie Awards Ukraine recognizes and awards the most successful national marketing communication campaigns in terms of effectiveness, following the international rules of the most prestigious award for marketers and advertisers worldwide.

We remind you that the formation of the Effie Awards Ukraine 2024 jury is underway, and we invite players of the advertising and communication market to join the process. Recommendations are accepted until July 10 via the link.

The general partner of Effie Awards Ukraine 2024 is Nova Post. Delivering victories from Ukraine worldwide.