17 November 2023

National effectiveness rankings 2023 by the new methodology of Effie Worldwide

The All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition introduces a new methodology for calculating national rankings of communication and media agencies, advertising and communication groups, marketers, and brands in Ukraine, following the Effie Index by Effie Worldwide. The ranking leaders will be announced at the Awards Ceremony of the Effie Awards Ukraine 2023, which will take place on November 24.

Annually, the Effie Index identifies and ranks the most effective marketers, agencies, and brands globally, regionally, and locally, as well as by industry, by analyzing data from winners and finalists from over 50 Effie Awards contests worldwide.

In January 2022, Effie Worldwide revised the calculation methodology of the Effie Index. Starting from 2022, the global Effie Index and all national programs now implement this new methodology in local effectiveness rankings.

Point allocation system according to the new methodology:

  • For main agencies: Shortlist – 2; Bronze – 6; Silver – 12; Gold – 24; Grand Prix – 48.
  • For partner agencies: Shortlist – 1; Bronze – 3; Silver – 6; Gold – 12; Grand Prix – 24.

This year, the national rankings of Ukraine based on the results of Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 will be calculated using the new methodology. All finalists and winners of the Effie Ukraine 2023 program will be included in the international Effie Index 2024.

The results of the national rankings will be announced at the Effie Awards Ukraine 2023 ceremony, which will be held on November 24 at the Mercure Congress Centre.

Also, on the evening of November 24, the names of the most effective advertising campaigns of Ukraine in 2023 will be revealed. The names of the finalists can be found via link.

You can register for the event via link.

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