In the contest program 2021 there are new categories.

Industry Categories:

• A-8. Gaming & E-Sports
• A-16. Non-Profit

Specialty Categories:

• B-65. Multi-Brand Shopper Solution
• B-66. Multi-Retailer Program
• B-67. Omni-Channel Shopper Solution
• B-68. Performance Marketing
• B-71. Single-Retailer Program

The updated list of categories can be founded in the section "Categories"


We pay attention of all entrants that this year there is additional entry form for a new category – Performance Marketing.

Totally Effie Awards Ukraine 2021 has four separate entry forms such as:

• Entry Form for the Industry and Specialty categories, including Positive Change – Social Good categories (C-76. Positive Change – Social Good: Brands and C-77. Positive Change – Social Good: Non-Profit),
• Entry Form for Positive Change – Environmental categories (C-74. Positive Change – Environmental: Brands and C-75. Positive Change – Environmental: Non-Profit),
• Entry Form for B-73. Sustained Success category,
• Entry Form for B-68. Performance Marketing category.

All entry forms can be downloaded in the section "Entry Form".


The contest program of Effie Awards Ukraine was added new category — Performance Marketing.

This category recognizes the most effective performance marketing efforts. To participate your effort must be led by performance marketing and you must demonstrate how your effort drove results for the business using performance marketing KPIs.

Entrants must use the performance marketing entry form when submitting under this category that can be frounded in the section "Entry Form".


There are added new shopper categories to the contest program. Besides Loyalty and Shopper Marketing categories, the program included such categories as:

• B-65. Multi-Brand Shopper Solution
• B-66. Multi-Retailer Program
• B-67. Omni-Channel Shopper Solution
• B-71. Single-Retailer Program

Honoring the most effective integrated campaigns designed to engage the shopper and guide the purchase process to achieve conversion.


This year, there will be Awards Ceremony of Effie Awards Ukraine 2021 and Best Marketing Practices conference on December, 15.


In the section "Deadlines & Fees" there are updates of this year’s deadlines and fees.

We pay attention of the participants that Effie Awards Ukraine 2021 has 3 deadlines: I deadline – 1 September, II deadline – 1 October and final deadline – 20 October.


The Effie Insight Guide is a report that gives entrants feedback directly from the judges who reviewed their case.

Judges provide insights on the strengths and weaknesses of the case, along with advice for the future. This option can be ordered online during entry registration in personal account of the entrant. Ordering of this option does not provide for the meeting with Organizing Committee.

The detailed information can be founded in the section "Deadlines & Fees".


Review sample Effie Award winning cases via link

There is not a single formula for crafting an effective case, as different situations call for different methods of storytelling, objectives, metrics, etc.

In addition to reviewing sample cases, thoroughly review the instructions within the entry form and website section "Contest" when preparing your submission.